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The following workshops will be held Monday through Friday during the week of April 27 as part of the Week of Teaching Virtual Symposium. In addition, you'll find a link to enroll in our self-paced training course, which follows the same structure as the workshops.

Enroll in our Self-Paced Training Course

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Join our Canvas-based, asynchronous training for quick insights into why we design and teach online in particular ways, and for tutorials and videos on how to implement those decisions successfully in your own courses. The training follows the same topical organization as the synchronous workshops below.


Enroll Here

Design the Syllabus & Choose Modes of Delivery

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How do we design a syllabus for the summer term that will help students succeed? And, what are the best modes of delivery and engagement: synchronous, asynchronous, a blend? In this session we will engage the critical design considerations to set faculty up for the greatest success before getting into the nuts-and-bolts of building it all out online.

Organize the Course to Enhance Student Learning

a whiteboard with organization post its and the word organize in block letters

A well structured online course helps students navigate the digital classroom without confusion, frustration, or anxiousness. It allows them to use their energy to focus on what really matters for the learning goals. In this session, we will share tools and templates that can make your course organized in terms of both the conceptual design and the Canvas layout.

Engage Students & Create a Class Community

group of learners sitting around a table with the word engage in block letters

We might be teaching remotely, but our classes can be engaging with a rich community experience. In this session we will explore how to promote student engagement in the online space, as well as how to create an inclusive community of learners that enhances students' sense of potential and belonging.

Assess Student Learning in Meaningful Ways

diagram of a chair design with the word assess in block letters

The online environment poses a unique opportunity to rethink how we effectively evaluate our students’ learning. In this session we will discuss how we can use the strengths of an online environment to our advantage when crafting meaningful assessments from a range of options.

Create Effective Media & Content from Home

microphone on an orange background with the word create in block letters

Whether you are using a little media or a lot, developing quality content can enhance your presence, messaging, and impact on student learning. In this session we will introduce how you can create great media—effectively and efficiently—from the comfort of your home.