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The instructional designers and educational technology specialists in UK Online hosted a series of workshops to support instructional use of Canvas, Zoom, and other platforms during the Fall 2020 semester. Topics range from the different functions and uses of the Canvas gradebook to posting assignments and wrapping up a course.

pencils on a white background with "mid-semester student feedback" text

Given the range of course modalities, CELT has designed two options for mid-semester student feedback: a custom survey and a Zoom conversation with students. Both are followed with a consultation for interpreting results. This process can provide valuable information for instructors and adds to the documentation for portfolios and other professional review.

video frames from fall 2020 start of term workshops

To teach in flexible and meaningful ways this semester, we'll need to take advantage of the range of digital platforms that can enhance students' engagement and success, regardless of where they are. These start-of-term workshops cover the basics of Canvas, Zoom, and Yuja: platforms for organizing our courses, interacting with students, and hosting our media.

title slide of week of teaching in review presentation with screen grabs of various sessions

During April and July 2020, Teaching, Learning, & Academic Innovation hosted virtual symposia exploring perspectives and practices for teaching during the summer and fall terms. Topics include course design, equity/inclusion, engagement strategies, technology-enhanced learning, and media creation. The following links include a brief report on the July event and access to all session recordings and resources.