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Zoom Getting Started & Holding Class Meetings

Zoom allows us to engage in synchronous conversations with our students and colleagues. This can be an ideal way to hold classes, from small seminars to large lectures, as well as office hours, team meetings, student conferences, and other sessions. For the basics of getting started and teaching classes on Zoom, see the following resources:

  1. Get started on a computer and on a tablet or phone (PDF)
  2. Join a meeting for authorized users (PDF)
  3. Set up your Zoom room and prepare for class (Video)
  4. Teach a lecture-based class on Zoom (Video)
  5. Teach a discussion-based class on Zoom (forthcoming)

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Zoom Preventing Bad Actors

Unfortunately, the shift to online instruction has brought with it the potential for bad actors to disrupt our meetings and classes. Often called "Zoom Bombing," this can involve individuals (usually unassociated with our institutions) gaining access to our Zoom room and using various features of the platform to display images and broadcast audio to the group. Fortunately, however, Zoom offers several features that allow us to prevent these bad actors from gaining access and using the platform:

  1. Schedule a Zoom meeting for only authenticated users (PDF)
  2. Require a password for your Zoom meeting (PDF)
  3. Disable participants' video (PDF)
  4. Mute participants (PDF)
  5. Remove participants from your Zoom meeting (PDF)
  6. Lock your Zoom meeting (PDF)

If your Zoom meeting is disrupted, you can send an email to and include the (a) name of the meeting, (b) meeting host name, (c) meeting ID number, and (d) name of the disruptive individual, if known. [back to contents]

Library Services Getting Help & Using Resources

Librarians are available to assist faculty daily via chat (Ask Us) and email ( Zoom consultations may also be scheduled.

UK Libraries electronic resource collections, including access to databasese-bookse-journals newspapersgovernment documentsdigitized primary sources, and a variety of streaming media, are available to UK faculty, staff, and students anywhere, anytime. Just start your search from the UK Libraries website, where links to online journals and databases are modified to prompt users to login with their LinkBlue credentials. 

With the temporary closure of physical locations, plans for how students should use library materials may need to be adjusted. Librarians are still available to create online course guides to help students find and use library resources specific to your subject and course requirements. Instructors may also contact their subject specialist to teach library skills via Zoom or other online methods. Additional online teaching support can be found in the following guides:

Finally, if the resources you need are available only in print or currently not owned by UK Libraries, we can help you locate an electronic version or an appropriate alternative. [back to contents]